Thursday, August 2, 2007

Internet Adventures

Hi everyone...this is just a quick post letting you know that more posts are coming soon...lately the internet has been very expensive at every hotel, so I haven't been posting. But, I will be filling you in on the happenings of our tour here in the past week as well as info about our last game and more pictures on flickr.

Tomorrow is our last game here in Aukland and we can't wait to suit up and kick some kiwi @#$. I just wanted to say thanks for reading and hello to some people who found the blog: Lear's boyfriend (she misses you and if she sings about Harry Potter when she returns it's our fault), Schlarb's mom, everyone's parents (I keep hearing people asking if it's me that has the blog their parents found), the OB family (Marea, I'm sorry I haven't posted enough to keep you entertained at work, but I also haven't seen a hilarious blog entry from you for quite a while...hint hint), and ruggers everywhere (thanks for loving this sport too!). Have a great day, and I'll be posting soon.