Saturday, July 28, 2007

On to the North Island...

As you may have read via Saturday's a rugby day, we downed our first opponent (Burnside Rugby Club) on Wednesday by using some amazing backs play and quick possession. The first half was amazing to watch because we were all so excited about how good our team is. I went in at the half and Burnside definitely stepped up their intensity. We ended up on defense for much of the remaining time, but held strong and ended up notching a try in the end with an outside pass to Schmarra. We all felt good about the win, but definitely knew we had to work out some things at practice for our next match.

The next few days were a bit of a blur, as we travelled north for our next match against Manawatu. The bus ride to the ferry was long, but absolutely beautiful. We actually stopped on the way to do some seal-watching and have a bit of a run around. Finally we ended up at the ferry to the north be continued


Marea said...

Your "to be continued" is leaving me hanging son! I miss you guys so much, write more about your trip! Don't forget about your OB family. :-)


Brendan Bark said...

Thank you so much for posting this blog!!! I have been checking this to see how you ladies are doing in NZ, and I have forwarded your blog on to the entire University of Minnesota Women's rugby team so that they can see how Kristy Lear is doing over there. Good luck with your last game this weekend ladies, and tell Kristy that her boyfriend (me) says hi and misses her. Minnesota and Wisconsin are cheering for you all! Keep blogging!